Waylon Walker

At home I am a father, husband, and woodworker as time allows. Family always come first in our house. We are a strong family that supports each other through thick and thin. Over the years we have encountered many struggles, but we always try to maintain a positive outlook.

During the day I am a Data Scientist, part Engineer, part Software Developer. I enjoy diving into complex problems and finding creative ways to use data so answer questions.

Walker Family


Rhiannon is a strong willed super mom. She is the organization fanatic of the bunch. She keeps us running on time, and everything in order. In November of 2016 she was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer. It is something that is not treatable, and we are learning to live with. She has been inspired to go back to school as a doctor when she is able to get back on her feet again. I cannot wait to begin that chapter of life with her, because it is something she is so passionate about. If you want to help us on her journey you can support her gofundme.


Wyatt is the most energetic boy one can imagine. He definitely keeps us on out toes. His imagination is always running wild. Minecraft is by far his biggest passion in life at the moment. It is something that allows him to have a creative outlet that has enough action to fill his desire. As you watch him play, you can see that the game has become an extension of himself. He is able to run through the world with such ease.


Ayla is the calm and quiet one of the family. She loves to curl up with a good book or movie. In very hectic environments you will find her on the sidelines finding her own activity to do. She spent the first two years of her life with a G-Tube. She struggled to keep anything down for a long time especially thin liquids. After many surgeries and hospital stays she was able to overcome her GI issues and have her G-Tube removed. We are very proud of how far she has came and how stong she is.

Projects Hobby

Yellow Hat Woodworks

Check out my instgram feed from the wood shop. I like to make things. I generally make small wooden items since they are a quick stress reliever that does not cost too much to make.

Projects Career


I was asked to speak about visualization in python at a data visualization conference in August 2017. All of the speakers of the conference were asked to create a visualization based on Kaggle's TMDB 500 Movie Dataset. I created a flask web app that is running on heroku.


I participated in the 2017 Big Brothers and Big Sisters Data Challenge. This was a really fun event that allowed me to look at a completely different data set than I am used to, and provide some insights back to the local community. If I were to do it again I would try a bit harder to find a partner. I found out about the event shortly before the sign up, and decided to go solo.

The data cleansing step was quite a big job in order to get the data into a usable format. This took most of my time. I was a bit overwhelmed trying to find insights from the large number of features. The number of records was also relatively small (>500 records) with many of the questions either being very one sided i.e. most survey results were of the same value, or it was very distributed and did not seem to correlate well with the metrics that I identified.